Who wants to play some musical masterpieces on their Android phones and tablets? Today the popular Magic Piano by Smule has finally crossed the orchard of Apple’s and is available on Android. This game is actually quite excellent and will be loads of fun for any music or Piano fan.

With over 14 million users on iOS this will surely be another popular game for Android. The basis is extremely easy. You follow rays of light on your screen and play a Piano to enjoy the music. It’s all based on timing and rhythm and works great. The Developers, Smule, start you off easy with Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, but eventually you can get into Bruno Mars and Beethoven if you have the skills.

They have some of the top songs from the billboard charts available, over 200 currently and more are added daily, as well as a free song of the day so you don’t have to earn points or buy the songs you want to play. It’s like Guitar Hero, only easier (for me at least.) You can share your results with Android’s standard sharing features (unlike iOS) and compare with friends and family. I’m noticing my fingers are a little big at times and have a feeling it would be much easier on a tablet, but that’s just me. Go ahead and hit the link below to give it a try today. It’s free!

Magic Piano Play Store Link