So we’re pretty sure a bunch of you finally gave in and bought a tablet for your young child, nephew/niece, or the child of your friend (with the friend’s permission of course). Now the next step is to fill up that device with age appropriate apps and games. One you might consider is from Magic Kinder, a developer that is known for their edutainment apps for kids and this time, they’re bringing you a racing game, meant for 3-6 year old kids.

Unlike the racing games that we adults are used to, this one is minus the violence and speeding violations, and more like fun and challenging (age-appropriate of course). There are 36 different tracks all throughout the game, and they can drive their toy surprise cars and race against other cars on the track. Along the way, they’ll collect stars, unlock some new tracks, and try to become the champion.

If other family members want to play or compete with him/her, you can choose the multiplayer mode so that everyone who has the game installed in their respective devices can play. The button controls are clear and easy to manage and the 3D graphics are colorful and entertaining enough for young eyes. But there are also accelerations, jumps, and difficult ramps to challenge them so they won’t get bored.

You can download Magic Kinder Race from the Google Play Store for free. There are no in-app purchases, so there’s no danger of them accidentally buying something they’re not supposed to buy.