Magic Eraser Google Photos

The Magic Eraser tool has been featured several times already. It is part of the new Pixel camera system that lets you remove unwanted objects seen in an image. It’s literally a magic eraser that takes out any distraction from a photo. We have seen similar apps but this one is native on the Pixel 6 series phones. The editing tool is simple to use. It’s not that sophisticated but it does the job. It’s inside Google Photos so you can edit any photo, even those saved on your device or account and taken using non-Pixel smartphones.

Magic Eraser knows what distractions it can remove from your photos. The tool will look at your background for people, power lines, or poles. It can suggest what you may remove and then you have to choose what to delete.

The feature also lets you just brush over or circle the items or people you want to take out. It can depend on machine learning to know what you want to remove. No need to think about precise brushing because the Magic Eraser knows how.

Magic Eraser comes with other editing features like smart suggestions. They can be provided for portraits or sky photos. You can also see more stunning photos with Magic Erase in a quicker and easier way. All these and more are results of machine learning plus advancements in computational photography.

Magic Eraser Pixel 6 Android 12

The Pixel 6 will have Google Photos with Magic Eraser. You can try it when the Pixel 6 is released in the market this October 28.