Over at LeWeb today, a mister David Ko, current SVP of Mobile at gaming superstar Zynga, is talking about the future of mobile social gaming. He’s calling it “the next great frontier,” and speaks not only of Zyngas new purchase of Newtoy, We Rule, Words with Friends, and Chess with Friends developers, he speaks of the oncoming massively successful (I suppose he hopes) advent of Mafia Wars on Android.

Ko notes that when he started the job he’s posted at now only a month ago, he knew immediately that the company needed to make a big push for Android asap. That move is coming in the form of Mafia Wars. Big bump! They’ve already got Farmville out on several platforms, expanding to Japan already, straight to smartphones (where Farmville is called “Farm Village”), and planning on migrating to lower-spec phones should the market call for such a thing. Time to bring out the tommy guns and start racking the place up! No more sluffing while you’re sitting on the bus – updates 100% of your day! Kill em all!

[Via The Next Web]