We’ve been waiting for Madfinger Games to finally launch their new shooter MMORPG called “Shadowgun Legends”. That’s right, it’s massively multiplayer, but instead of hack ‘n slash, you shoot people up. Pretty fun. Now the game is going into beta which means the game is nearly done, but it needs people to test it out for bugs.

Shadowgun Legends is a persistent world MMORPG, with an insanely-detailed futuristic environment and players will be playing with the popular first person shoot (FPS) gameplay. Players will jump into the game world, customize their characters and then shoot up marks and targets for fame and fortune in this new hostile Shadowgun universe.

The game allows users to travel through the universe and hunt down bounties to gain fame and money. They will level up and enhance their character’s skills, and get better gear, stronger weapons and armor. There’s a crafting system, a guild system, dungeon raids – so that covers your common MMORPG elements right there. But it’s the graphics that will capture you with this game. The game is absolutely gorgeous to look at.

Jump over to the source link below to join the beta test, and you’ll get to play the game before everybody else. The beta starts this month, so better get on it.

SOURCE: Madfinger