Made for Google

It’s about time Google launches a certification program for third-party gear and accessories. It’s so easy to come up with products that work with Android devices but there’s always the question of quality. Google is said to be thinking of introducing a ‘Made for Google’ certification so accessory makers will work to make products that are up to Google’s standards. This is somewhat similar to the ‘Made for i’ effort of Apple.

There’s not much information available but we’re guessing if it’s like Apple’s MFi, then the program will have any tool, hardware, accessory, technical support, or documentation be required to follow the certification standards of the Android team. Having that “Made for Google” rating or stamp will somehow give consumers peace of mind that what they are using are of high quality and not just some replica or low-quality product.

We’re expecting ‘Made for Google’ accessories such as docks, cases, battery packs, or chargers. Nothing has been confirmed yet but we agree this is something the Android community needs– a proper certification program to ensure consumers always and only get quality products. As for the launch, we don’t think it will be announced tomorrow, October 4, but it will be greatly appreciated if it’s introduced to us soon.

VIA: 9TO5Google