It’s time to get back to football. Going along with the console release of Madden 2012 EA has just released the Android and iOS app. Now available in the Android Market is Madden NFL 2012 and it’s only $6.99 for those interested. While this may be a bit expensive you do get an extensive NFL game with tons of options and playability.

There is currently two Madden 2012 showing in the Android market. One by Electronic Arts, and the other by Electronic Arts Nederland B.V. and the latter one shows not compatible with all my devices for some reason. The regular EA version works with all my phones but sadly no tablet support. With the game just launching today we don’t have a lot of details. Users have been reporting the original Galaxy Tab 7 works with the new Madden but that is unconfirmed.

The game looks fairly polished with tons of attention to detail. All 32 teams are included and players names are listed when you’ve got them selected. We have 3 different game modes such as exhibition, full season mode, and a mode that lets you relive the 2010 playoffs (Go Green Bay). We have the popular hot routes for passing, running, and defense. Even save your best (or craziest) routes as audibles. This is about as much as we’d expect for the mobile version and I plan to give it a test here in the next few days. It’s a shame EA releases this type of awesome game yet doesn’t make it available to the masses we call the Android Army. It’s supported for most of my devices but I’d love to play this on my 10.1″ Honeycomb Tablet.

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