We first heard about Madden 2011 when it was included, in demo form, in the DROID X 2.2.1 update earlier this week. The game loaded will give you a basic feel for the way it’s played but as far as full gameplay it will not be offering what you’d expect. However, we are now sure that the full version is here, and carries a $9.99 price tag.

The game will first debut on the DROID X and then be released in the Android Market sometime next year. From the demo version of the game you can confirm the full upgrade and will have the $9.99 charged to your Verizon bill.

Also it’s worth noting that because it’s set to debut on the DROID X, we will not be seeing it until the first quarter of 2011 for additional Android devices. The Droid Guy got the scoop from an EA employee confirming that the game will not be a DROID X exclusive forever.

[Via DroidLife, TheDroidGuy]