CES 2015 is bringing us loads of new technology content and Mad Catz was sitting safely tucked away from the competition. Making the trip out to their suite made the feeling that their content was a little bit more exclusive and that if you really wanted to check out their CES line, you’d make the effort. I was not disappointed as I was able to get hands-on with their latest mobile remote control announced this morning, the L.Y.N.X.

L.Y.N.X. is a hybrid controller that connects via Bluetooth to your Android device – with different modes that cycles through gaming on Android, media controls, mouse functionality, built-in mic, and gaming on PC. Our phones serves as a music player, camera, portal to the internet, and game console – L.Y.N.X. is able to control all these applications and softwares. A full QWERTY keyboard is designed and attaches to the controller, allowing you to type in-game messages, email, or update social media.

Staying focused on the gaming experience here – the controller has a cut-throat design that displays their skeletal trademark approach. It has a comfortable feel in hand as it replicates the prior MLG (Major League Gaming) controller feel. The controller is collapsable, detachable, and foldable making it fit into your pocket with ease and comfort. Adding the wing handle attachment to provide a better grip and sleek appearance is an option as well. Playing on an Android tablet is not limited. The controller arms detach and slaps into a tablet chassis with a built-in kickstand – if you get tired of holding it.


L.Y.N.X. is light in weight, but feels solid and dense in your hands. Included in box are Mad Catz BigPlay cables that connect your mobile to television and mounts for your smartphones and tablets. The controller is highly priced at $300. For some it’ll be worth it, while others might not feel so compelled to jump in on it.


  1. Its awesome (assuming the quality is good) i want one but i wont buy one unless its a decent (60§) price 300? are they insane? its a ripoff

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