Mocana has announced the NanoPhone security suite for the Android mobile platform. With NanoPhone users can add a much-needed firewall, encryption features and VPN to Android-powered handsets without compromising performance or battery life.

With smartphones there is always the question of whether or not you are secure, especially with disclaimers in applications that should be more than secure such as the new Visa app. Google has already tried to fix security issues that users are having with the T-Mobile G1, but have been reportedly been unsuccessful.

Many users these days are forced between security and usability when shopping for a new smartphone. The Android platform has already become a target for attackers. “We hope to encourage the adoption of Android by the enterprise and by security-conscious consumers by giving developers the critical security components they need to protect Android smartphones, their users and the information that resides on them,” said Adrian Turner, CEO of Mocana.

NanoPhone hopes to increase the security of the Android platform by incorporating these key security features:

  • Virtual Private Network (VPN) clients to secure data communications between the device and corporate network;
  • Voice, video and data encryption (in transit and at rest) with FIPS-validated crypto;
  • Comprehensive malware and virus protection with no false positives;
  • A higher performance, more secure browser for ecommerce and online banking applications;
  • Scalable and secure firmware updating and secure boot capabilities;
  • Robust certificate handling features to authenticate devices, network services and individuals to each other.