If you’ve ever felt the need to control your Mac or Macbook from a distance using your smartphone, then this app might be for you. mac.remote may be like other remote control apps, but it also allows users to add their favorite OS X media players to the list as well.

mac.remote is visually plain and simple, and that’s part of the appeal. You have a clean, flat aesthetic with very few buttons on the screen unlike a confusing remote control. At the very center you have a large play/pause button, forward and rewind, and other basic controls. Swipe to the left and you get a few more buttons like power and brightness. Swipe to the right and you get a list of media players supported by the app, which includes iTunes, Spotify, QuickTime, VLC, and iPhoto out of the box.

But mac.remote’s simplicity is a bit deceptive and its list of supported players isn’t exhaustive. Users have the ability to add their own app to the list and indicate the commands that will be used when a button on the app is tapped. For example, one can hook up mac.remote to Impress.js on a Mac for slideshows. Instead of play, forward and the like, mac.remote can be configured to emulate keyboard presses instead to advance the slides.

mac.remote is available for free on Google Play Store but there is a slight catch. For the first five days, users won’t be bothered by ads. After that, users can make an in-app purchase to permanently keep them away or live with an ad-laden version instead.