While ridesharing has been a huge convenience to a lot of commuters and to drivers, it has also brought a lot of problems and issues within the riding community. First and foremost is, of course, the security of the riders and even the drivers. Uber has been dealing with a lot of these issues and now Lyft is bringing some improvements to its app and to the service so as to protect the whole community by improving safety measures.

Lyft is now increasing its in-app license plate visibility. Basically what this means is that they’re making the license plate of your ride get a bigger font so you won’t miss it. Now if you still get into the wrong car which doesn’t match the license plate indicated on the app, you might need to have your eyes checked already. The basic tip is, of course, to make sure they match before getting into any car to avoid any embarrassment or worse, harmful encounters.

More importantly, they will soon be adding an in-app option that will let you call 911 from within the Lyft app. Both riders and drivers will have access to this emergency button within the app so that any kind of emergency on either side can be dealt with. Uber has also introduced an emergency button within the app but we haven’t heard yet if this has been working well for them.

Lyft is also now issuing mandatory secondary feedback. If you rate your driver less than 4 stars, you will be asked to provide more insight as to why your rating was that low. There are options that you can just tap on or you can write your feedback. They will be of course anonymously communicated to the drivers so they can improve whatever it is that needs improving.

Lastly, Lyft will be giving free sexual harassment prevention education to both drivers and riders. This is part of their commitment in bringing a “welcoming, inclusive, comfortable, and safe” experience for everyone.