Back in the day, and by back in the day I mean a couple of months ago, your main homie Chris Burns, aka your humble narrator, got to take a look at the Looxcie Bluetooth Headset, taking the time then to do a full review of this device for the greater good of all odd devices that work with Android. In this case, it’s a camera that attaches to your head by the ear and works via apps working from your Android handset. That was then, this is now! Looxcie 2 is a device that’s both lighter and smaller than the original AND it uses the same set of Android software – no new software needed!

Of course there’ll certainly be upgrades in the future, but no purchase necessary. This device is one whose first iteration required you to clamp to your ear, while this newer version offers attachments that let you attach to your ear, your helmet, your baseball cap, and more! This new version retains the full battery capacity of the original and has all of its video capturing and sharing features as well.

This new device is set to cost $199 for the 8GB model and $179 for the 4GB, the GB adding up how much data you can keep on the device itself. Meanwhile you’re able to send all that video straight to the cloud on the fly if you wish, so no worries!

Have a look at a video recorded from the original here:

[vms 082a2415f0902f0da88f]

Then see some additional specs from the new version:

• Lightweight: 22g (less than 1 oz.)
• Clips stored as MP4 files
• Up to 5 or 10 hours of video storage (depending on model)
• User selectable video capture in 320p or 480p
• Instant clip creation and sharing to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or iCloud
• Looxcie companion apps for iOS and Android: LooxcieMoments and LooxcieCam
• Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR and eSCO for up to 10 meters range
• Bluetooth Hands Free Profile 1.5 for telephone calls
• 365mAh Li Polymer battery for up to4 hours of continuous video recording
• RoHS compliant manufacturer
• DSP noise reduction optimized for enhanced audio 

Finally take a look at your humble narrator’s review of the first generation of this headset over on SlashGear then get fully pumped up about gen 2!


New Compact Form Factor and Adjustable Fit Allows for Anytime, Anywhere Use with Optional Attachment Accessories

Sunnyvale, CA- (June 07, 2011) – Looxcie, Inc. makers of the first wearable mobile-connected video cam, announced today the launch of Looxcie 2™, its sleek new video cam. With an entirely new design, Looxcie 2 weighs 20 percent less and is almost half the size of the original while maintaining full battery capacity and all video capture and social media sharing features. New attachment accessories provide users with a variety of ways to wear and use Looxcie 2: snugly over the ear, on helmets, caps and more.

Looxcie 2 comes in two configurations: up to 10 hours of video storage and up to 5 hours of video storage, available for $199 and $179 (MSRP) on The companion Looxcie smartphone apps can be downloaded for free from the Android’s Marketplace or iPhone’s App Store.

Looxcie 2’s unique design allows for a hands-free point-of-view experience. When a memorable moment occurs that is worth preserving or sharing, the instant clip button automatically rewinds, captures and saves the moment as a permanent clip, which can be instantly shared to sites like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. And with the updated LooxcieMoments smartphone companion app, users can now choose between either 320p or 480p video quality. Software and firmware upgrades are compatible with the original Looxcie.

“With Looxcie we gave people a way to capture video and share instantly, ensuring that they wouldn’t miss the best part of a shot,” said Looxcie CEO, Romulus Pereira. “Looxcie 2 takes this seamless experience a huge leap forward by giving people the flexibility to wear Looxcie in whatever way is convenient to them so they can catch that killer jump, swing or slam dunk and still share it out over social media in a single click.”


  1. A wearable camcorder will be a success owing to its utility of the users. A video recording and sharing is quiet an achievement and the other features of it being light and easy to wear makes it all acceptable!


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