In the same fashion as Crossy Road and other similar games with pixel graphics, Looty Dungeon will have you playing endlessly. For hours, you may try to outrun and finish all enemies you will meet in the dungeons. The goal is to advance until you meet the epic boss. You are the hero who can be anything you want to be–may it be an archer, a fairy, knight, wizard, or even a pair of dueling twins. Choose from the dozens of characters you think can help you finish each room and level.

In every room you enter, you will have different adventures. You’ll see numerous obstacles you need to go through like catapults, flame balls, flying arrows, and spike traps. Your enemies will do everything in their power to keep you from going out of the dungeon.

There are eight bosses you need to defeat to be considered the best. Try to beat them by working around the traps as you nurture your own skills and abilities.

Along the way to victory, there are loot you can collect. There are just too many of them that you might actually have a hard time keeping track. The guys who made this are the same geeks who developed Crossy Road so you know that’s this game can be really addictive. Game is free to download but in-app purchases are offered.

Download Looty Dungeon from the Google Play Store