Loopt has just announced the development of their social networking application for Android. They are very excited to be able to bring this service to other platforms. Many of you may have had your first encounter with Loopt on the iPhone.

Loopt keeps you in the loop when it comes to knowing what your friends are up to.  Looped has released two teaser photos of the application to spark interest. On the left you will see a map that displays all of your friends locations, on the bottom of the photo are pictures of your friends that are displayed. Just select a friend’s image and it will take you to where that friend is located.

The photo on the right shows you where your friends are, how far they are from your location, and what they are currently doing. With Loopt expanding from the iPhone to other platforms it shows great promise. We are excited to see it come to Android, This not only helps them but allows Android users to connect with a wider range of people.

[Via Android Community]