In this day and age when cars are becoming much cooler and smarter (even driverless!), we know people who don’t want to have their own because of the heavy traffic everywhere. There are those who settle for ride-sharing apps as it is more economical and greener if you’re looking at it from a different angle. The fewer cars, the better. If there’s no car, then bicycles are great alternatives. Bikes can still be tiring to use unless you’re really into fitness or are planning to lose some weight. For the lazy ones, you can try those e-bikes. But for those who want something else, then maybe a Segway?

A Segway can be pricey but there are several copycats already. For some futuristic feel, here’s a project we spotted on Indiegogo: the Loomo. It’s a mobile robot sidekick that works a mini personal transporter. It’s smart with AI as made possible by Intel RealSense.

The transporter is powered by Segway so it is self-balancing. This concept vehicle features auto-follow, touch/voice/gesture control, and video capture. It comes with an Android SDK and receives OTA updates as needed. The idea is that the platform will someday allow integration and other functions.

Loomo introduces us to the future of mobile robotics. The idea isn’t popular yet but if you’re a developer or coder, you will love that it can be integrated into other algorithms, software, and hardware. It’s a robot you can program and manage according to your needs.

More information on the project on Indiegogo

SOURCE: Indiegogo


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