Nobody ever wants their data to be comprised. People pay for security and privacy but sadly, there may still be slip-ups from even the biggest tech companies but there are sure and quick solutions. Security breaches are real. They happen especially to popular networks and services that are favorite targets of hackers. Identities being stolen is a common problem and in the US alone last year, almost 13 million people had their data and identities stolen.

More often than not, data stolen include credit card information, bank account details, and login credentials. It’s one crazy world out there and we all need to be prepared when it happens to you and me.

Not that we’re expecting you will be next but it’s ideal you know what to do when identity theft happens. One service we know is able to help is Lookout Identity Theft Protection. The guys behind the service is offering a new package that includes identity monitoring, 24/7 access to a concierge service for ID Restoration, and recovery services plus an insurance policy worth $1 million.

Lookout Identity Theft Protection will do the job for you of monitoring any details and information you want to keep secured all the time. The app will then alert you once a possible compromise has been identified anywhere on the web as described by the company. The idea is that the concierge service will communicate with the agencies and organizations on your behalf to do the necessary actions.

This service is a convenient way to ensure that your identity is always safe and secure. Data breaches, identity theft, and mobile threats do happen but you don’t have to worry with Lookout. Lookout Premium is available for both iOS and Android for $29.99/year or $2.99 per month while Premium Plus is offered in the US with a $99.99 annual fee or $9.99 monthly fee. If you get the Premium Plus package, it will come with an Identity Theft Insurance that includes costs of child or elderly care, expenses for refiling lines of credit or loads, and attorney and legal fees.

Download Lookout Mobile Security from the Google Play Store

VIA: Lookout Blog