Those purchasing an Android handset from AT&T will soon find another pre-installed app. This latest will be the Lookout Mobile Security app, which is already available from the Google Play Store. And similar to the version found in the Play Store, the pre-installed version coming to AT&T handsets will be available in a free and premium option.

AT&T and Lookout have said the basic protection will be free and the premium bump will be $2.99. With the premium in mind, that $2.99 (per month) will be billed directly to your AT&T account. Aside from coming pre-installed, the Lookout app will be the same as what is already available.

That is to say Lookout is able to provide over-the-air protection against viruses, malware, adware and spyware. Lookout also has a find feature that allows you to locate a lost or stolen device on a map. That feature also allows the user to sound an alarm and send an email with a picture and location (should someone incorrectly enter the passcode three times).

For many users, those free level features will likely be enough. The premium side brings safe browsing which blocks dangerous URLs, the ability to backup (and restore) images and call history and also remotely lock and/or wipe the device should it get lost or stolen and isn’t able to be recovered.

Bottom line here, while the Lookout app does provide some decent features, both free and paid, this comes down to AT&T making another choice in terms of the apps you may, or may not want to have pre-installed.

SOURCE: Business Wire