Lookout, the makers of the popular security and antivirus app for Android and iOS, are seeking to expand their business, reaching out to enterprises and businesses to be their next frontier. And it will be getting some help from Samsung to break into that market.

While a lot of end users usually neglect or totally ignore it, security and protection from malware is a very serious matter in the workplace. Especially with the increaase in the number of employers implementing a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) system, the risks of security exploits have risen as people use their personal devices at work or work devices for personal uses. Old security practices are no longer adequate to address these new situations, a gap that Lookout is seeking to fill.

Lookout for Business is promising to protect mobile devices and networks from threats as well as ensure the safety of corporate devices and the sensitive data they may contain. Lookout is also partnering with Samsung to get included in the KNOX platform, Samsung’s end-to-end security solution aimed for devices not only in businesses but also in government offices as well.

As part of that partnership, Lookout will come pre-installed in every Samsung KNOX device, adding to Lookout’s growing number of users which include 45 million users as well as mobile operators worldwide. Lookout’s business offering isn’t live yet, but the company is hoping to make Lookout for Business available later this year.

SOURCE: Lookout



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