We love sharing emojis with our friends over on our messaging apps, social networks, etc. Google wants to remind us that they are actually based on real life objects and they want us to have fun as well. A new game brought to you by Experiments With Google lets you go on a scavenger hunt for emojis using open source software, artificial intelligence and java script. Oh, and yes all those cute little emojis that you’ve been using to communicate with your loved ones.

The mechanics are pretty simple. When you head to emojiscavengerhunt.withgoogle.com on your mobile device, it will display an emoji on your screen. You will then have to find the matching object in real life with your camera phone. Oh and of course you just have a few seconds to do so. Every time you successfully find an object, your time limit will be extended a bit. As you go around as well, Google’s AI will be at work and detect the other objects around you and tell you what they are, just in case you didn’t know their actual names.

The game is pretty easy, if the emoji you’re looking for is a normal, every day object like a shoe or a watch. What if it’s a rainbow or worse, poop? It gets pretty challenging at times especially since you have a time limit, but it should be pretty fun if you’re kind of bored. You may want to play the game in a place where there are tons of objects around you.

This is just a free web game, so don’t expect high tech graphics or something. The object recognition also needs a few tweaks as it sometimes refuses to accept the matching object even if it’s obviously a match to your emoji. This is basically an experiment to highlight the AI capabilities of Google, so it needs a bit of work.

SOURCE: Google