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Most people who have the latest Android phones are scrambling to receive Lollipop updates on their mobile devices. Unfortunately, they don’t come easily and quickly on every phone in the market. Carriers and phone manufacturers still have to test the platform released by Google before finally bringing them to device owners. Receiving that anticipated Over-The-Air(OTA) notification can be exciting for those eager to get a taste of Lollipop.

But in the case of Nexus 5 and Nexus 7 owners, not everyone is happy with the result. Some Nexus 7 and Nexus 5 units are reportedly being locked up or bricked without any reason. We don’t know exactly how many units have been affected but there are several complaints in Google Product Forums. No mention exactly which particular Android update is this but we’re assuming it’s Lollipop since OS updates were recently released for the two models.

One report involves a Nexus 7 turning off while in use. After that, it was stuck at the boot screen and made the tablet useless. We’re guessing this is just a bug and some tweaking on the code will fix it. However, this seems like a major bug because a newly updated device should be working well and would not just shut down especially after undergoing several tests. Nexus 5 and Nexus 7 being bricked seems to be common these days with #nexus7bricked now trending on Twitter.

Both Google and ASUS have not responded to the issue yet but we’re expecting a statement as explanation and a new software update.

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    • that’s fine for those who are working perfectly, but not so for those of us who were bricked. LG and Google both pointed fingers and refused to help. No warranty? No help.

  1. My Nexus 7 got stuck in booting overnight. Had to do a safe reboot and factory reset. Seems to work OK now, but many may not figure out what to do. My son’s Nexus 5 powers down randomly since the update. I’ve found no fix, buying him a Moto E.

    • My Nexus 7 has been bricked because of 5.0.2.

      Just because your device is not affected doesn’t mean this article is non-factual. if you are so stupid shouldn’t you be using an iPhone?

    • My N7 ’13 also. It was fine directly after the OTA 5.0 update, but when I did a factory reset it was bricked. Bout loader still locked, I’d never monkeyed with it because it was great the way it was. Now I miss it.

  2. No problems with my Nexus 5…it’s been a few weeks now.. still running strong…
    Haven’t received the OTA yet for my Nexus 7 2013 though…

  3. My N5 bricked after installing 5.1. Called Google and they offered to RMA my phone even though it was out of warranty. My new N5 is running 5.1 and is fine. I noticed they changed the build number of 5.1 between the one that bricked my old phone and the one I’m using currently.

  4. Sensationalized Headlines seem to be the norm these days. No data to support and really, most ssues eith Nexus 5 have been there from the beginning design choices and always in a “beta” state. Ironically, article provides not data supporting sensationalized state of being. My Nexus 5 finally performs as it should have from the beginning.

  5. I still have performance problems with lollipop and get unexpected screen freeze on my Nexus 7, however, completely removing Facebook apps and adobe PDF viewer suddenly increased performance to where the tablet is useable again. I still get problems but no where near the extent before!

  6. N5- I had the loop boot problem with lp 5.0 and Lg repaired for free (in US).
    Then there came lp 5.1 and in two days the memory got caught and phone turning off and heating as hell. Lg repaired for free again.
    Even it was not in guarantee. I have it since Nov 13 and problems arrived after N6 release.
    Everyone should avoid google devices if possible, it has a good hardware but you can’t really use without bricking.

  7. N5: Each iteration of Lollipop has introduced new problems to my N5.
    Before Lollipop, I was pleased with my phone, but since the OTA’s began I have become increasingly disillusioned with Android.
    Starting with drastically reduced battery life, and losing a couple of apps due to the change in runtime. Then came the random shutdowns. Then a battery indicator that jumps from 40 something percent to 0 in minutes, and shuts down the phone, but plug in the charger and it is back up to 40% in seconds.
    Now with 5.1, none of the above problems are resolved, but I now have Wi-fi and data problems, especially not switching from data to Wi-fi when I arrive home unless I cycle the phone power, or switch off data.
    Google has made a total FU with Android 5, and is on the verge of losing a loyal supporter.

  8. My n7 has been a brick since 5.0. 5.0.1 & 5.1 haven’t helped. I’ve even done a factory reset…. twice. Yes, it does actually work, but it’s so slow and freezes constantly that I choose not to use it much.

    • Same here. Turned a nice n7 tablet into a very slow p of s**t! Perhaps a class action law suit would motivate a fix or replacement.

  9. My N5 crashed with both updates. Nexus Root Toolkit saved me both times, when Google and LG refused to acknowledge a problem. Download NRT and follow instructions. You will lose everything, but your phone will work. But you have to actually read and follow the instructions.

  10. The Lollipop update destroyed the “Ok Google” sensing of my Nexus 7. It will now wake up randomly at almost any sound – sometimes even in a silent room. Yes, I have tried retraining the voice commands and all the other possible fixes. I now have to keep the “Ok Google” function turned off. Bummer, since it was perfect before the Lollipop update.

  11. My Nexus 5 is on the T-Mobile network. I had the Lollipop 5.0 update appear on my phone before Christmas but I didn’t update because of all the bad stories I heard. Then it disappeared after some time. A month later 5.01 appeared. I wanted to install 5.1 but it never appeared, only 5.01 for months.
    I finally decided to install it but before starting I uninstalled all the non essential apps on my N5 that I don’t use. Its been a week now and everything works perfect.
    My battery is greatly improved: its 11pm and I still have 36% battery from last night’s charge. Just phone, texting, emails and browsing.
    5.1 appeared as soon as my phone was on 5.01 but I might not update because it’s working just fine now.

  12. A bricked device could be from someone who isn’t familiar with their device, flashing a rom and Bricking it or anything. Need more facts to establish a probable cause. All my devices I manually update straight from the goog.

  13. I have been manually flashing my N5 with all the updates since KitKat. I never got my phone bricked. I flashed my phone with 5.1 the moment it was available online (didn’t want to wait for OTA update). Well performance is better than before. Battery lasts longer with 3G usage, texting and browsing the whole day. No problem yet.

  14. I must be among the lucky N5 users. Upgraded to 5.1 without issues. My N4 is on 5.0.1 and it does reboot randomly but it’s only a spare unit. No loss of service as it reboots.

  15. Well on both my devices it’s running fine. N5 working well as always. N7 improved the device. Both are running 5.1 now.
    If there is one suggestion I would make, after lollipop no more updates. The N7 2012 after 3 years and plenty updates is at the end.
    In general, thanks Google once more for making these great products both in soft- and hardware.

  16. My nexus 5 is running fine. Havent bricked my device once except from when I installed the wrong version of elementalX(I installed KitKat version instead of lollipop) working fine.

  17. Never written anything online before, but had to comment on this. My N7 is beyond slow. It’s basically worthless. Tried factory reset, cache delete etc. Think I’ll UPS it to Larry Page with a nice note telling him what a screw up this was and maybe he can fix it!!!!!!!

  18. Took my n7 back to KitKat. Working perfect now just like it used to. No lollipop for me. They can shove it where the sun don’t shine.

  19. I have 2 Nexus 7’s that received both Lollipop and the upgrade “fix”. Both units are totally useless. You may as well call them bricked and none of the “fixes” have been able to rescue them from this state.

  20. My nexus 7 2013 WiFi is useless now . I cannot play without logging I’d try all 5.0 until this latest update. Please put back kitkat. Even the keyboard is not working properly need to reboot to function properly. Google please fix it.

  21. It says start in fastboot mode. Not helpful if it won’t do that like mine. Completely dead, black screen, not recognised by computer.

  22. Today without any advice my Nexus 7 2013 just turn off and when I tried to turn it on it just show the google window. I have tried to do a bootloader without any success. It is unbelievable. This doesn’t happen in Apple!!

  23. My. N7 has. Been playing up for last week or so !!keeps. Double or triple. Letters when. Barely. Touching the screen !!anyone know why. This. Might Might. Be ?


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