We’ve seen and tried a number of keyboard folio cases already but each one is for a specific tablet or smartphone. There is no accessory yet that we’ve tried that can be used on most gadgets that you own. It can be pricey if you have to buy a new cover or portable keyboard every time but good thing here’s the new Logitech Universal Folio. This keyboard case can be used on different tablets so you can just buy one and use on different tablets.

This Logitech Universal Folio is ideal to use with 9- to 10-inch tablets. It’s like having a notebook computer with you because the keyboard allows you to type and work with more efficiency. It boasts of a 4-point grip that holds your device more securely and in place all the time. When you want to type or watch a video, prop in up in your desired angle.

The folio already features shortcuts and function keys for Windows, iOS, or Android. It already comes with a battery to give your tablet extra juice when needed. Most devices that can fit the keyboard case include all the iPad models, Amazon Kindle Fire, Samsung Galaxy Tab and Note, and Samsung Galaxy Tab S3.

SOURCE: Logitech