Here we go, folks. The news about Logitech’s Revue set-top box, featuring Android and Google TV, is up and running. Following in the footsteps of Dish Network (minus the price), it looks like the official product page is up and running. And, not only that, you can even pre-order one right now.

With the Logitech event ready to kick off any moment, the news about the product page going live isn’t all that groundbreaking. And, as we could have guessed, the site itself doesn’t talk all that much about the product. As the details are still scant, you can still pre-order if you want. However, there are a few features listed. Like: 1080p @ 60fps signal output. The box will also feature HDMI 1.3.a in and out, and you’ll find the standard 10/100BaseT Ethernet port. There’s also 2 USB ports, S/PDIF, and the Logitech Harmony IR port.

You’ll also get a compact keyboard in the box, which will feature a trackpad and integrated remote. There’s also an HDMI cable and mini IR remote, too. Stay tuned for more info. As for the webcam, you’ll need to drop an extra $149 to get your hands on that. Oh, and the site just update itself to show the official price: $299.99. Too much? Too little? Let us know what you think.

[via Logitech]


  1. As an employee as well as being a customer of DISH Network I was pretty blown away when the demonstration took place. All I really wanted to do was find out what the process for purchase was. And of course, not only do you get it for a discounted rate as a DISH subscriber but it’s incorporates everything our HD receivers offers along side internet access. The Logitech Revue with Google TV was a mind altering experiencing when it comes to incorporating TV and internet. Basically Google TV turned the largest TV in my home into a computer. Amazing? To say the least! My favorite experience was the ability to search music videos on YouTube while Jersey Shore was on commercial. The set up was all instruction driven. I hate instructions and will be a last resort but the setup is effortless. If you’re an internet geek like myself, or just a TV junky (or both lol) this is definitely for you! If anyone ever wants more info regarding it you can also get it out at tv. Great new product! –Christopher DeHerrera/DISH Network


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