The Logitech Revue show is fully under way, and the information is starting to break free. While Logitech put a lot of focus on the set-top box itself, there was obviously a major push to make sure that the accessory department was covered as well. While there are more still to come, the initial roll-out is a pretty good one, featuring keyboards, as well as a way to use your Android-based handset to control your Google TV. What’s better, though, is the fact that the accessories are already up for pre-order, just like the Revue itself.

First up is the $149 TV Cam, which will let you do video conferencing in HD. As the name suggests, you just put the video camera up right with your TV, and you’ll be able to talk to other people using Google TV, or on a PC/Mac as long as they have the right software/application downloaded. The Revue mini-controller, which costs $129.99, is a remote that looks like your standard mini keyboad. And then the applications that you’ll be able to use on your Android device are free.

As for the keyboard, that comes in the box, which will run you $299.99 for the whole thing, so you won’t actually have to pick that up separately. Stay tuned for more information. And check out the live images of the Revue unit below.