While they have made their name creating what was probably the best mouse (mice?) in the market, the changing tech landscape has made Logitech question their raison d’etre (reason for being) since users who use this peripheral have dramatically dropped the past years. Yes, the tech brand has branched out into speakers, keyboards, and other accessories, but their name and their logo still seem too outdated. Now, they have announced that they are rebranding and will now be called Logi (pronounced “lodge-gee”).

In their official post, Logitech emphasized that they are still the same company “that you know and trust” but now, they are evolving into something that is more up to date, and the first evidence of this is a “colorful new attitude” and a new logo and branding. They have also hired their first ever chief design officer, Alastair Curtis (formerly of Nokia), which is a clear sign that they will probably be branching out into products other than the mouse, tablet keyboard, bluetooth speakers, and others that they’ve released the past few years.

CEO Bracken Darrell said that the decision to drop the “tech” is because five-ten years from now, almost everything that we wear or use will have some form of tech in it, so to have a brand that is still using that “will seem awfully 1980s”. Ever since he took over in 2012, he has been shaking up the company’s portfolio, and this rebranding and relaunching isn’t something strange to those who have been following how he has handled the company so far. The end game for him is to “create a design company,” whatever that will eventually entail.

The Logi label will be included in these new product categories that they’ll be announcing soon. But they are still keeping Logitech for their mice to take advantage of their reputation when it comes to that product. But make no mistake, as per Curtis, they are “moving out of the computer era” and the rebranding is one way of letting consumers see that clearly. So should we expect a Logi mobile phone anytime now?

SOURCE: Logitech