Logitech has rolled out a new smartphone accessory called the Logitech protection [+] case. The device is a protective case for the Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone that is ruggedized to survive drops and bumps. Inside the protective case is a rechargeable battery to keep your smartphone running longer.

The version of the case for the Galaxy S5 will extend runtime 80% thanks to the 1800 mAh internal battery. The case meets military drop test standard MIL-STD 810 G for rugged devices.

That means that the case can protect your smartphone from drops of up to 1.2M high. Protection[+] construction features impact channels and a layer of thermoplastic rubber to absorb shocks.

A raised bezel around the front of the case helps to protect the surface of the screen. A magnetic metal plate is hidden inside the case to make it compatible with the Logitech smartphone mounts including the +trip air vent mount and the +drive windshield/dashboard mount.

SOURCE: Logitech