If you’re still experimenting around with creating a truly smart home, then you would probably want to try different solutions to make things easier and more convenient to manage. While you can control and manipulate most things from your smartphone, sometimes you need something that is as simple as one button to do the job for you. Logitech Pop is a new product which does just that but functions more than just a wireless switch for your connected house.

At its most basic, Pop is a square piece of rubberized plastic which does what you programmed it to do which is kind of a physical manifestation of the IFTTT process. There is a raised circular button on top which you can single press, double press, or long press. You can also program the presses to either toggle on/off or to trigger whatever action once. To power the Bluetooth LE radio, there are two coin cell batteries inside which they said lasts for 5-6 years of “typical” use. It has a hub that you need to plug in an outlet so that it bridges the buttons with your WiFi network.


The Pop buttons have a companion app wherein you can program the compatible smart appliances and gadgets so it can do what you want it to do, like turn the lights on/off, open/close the blinds. Logitech says there is no limit to the number of Pops that you can have and connect. What is limited right now though is the number of compatible devices you can connect it to. You have Philips Hue, Sonos streaming speakers, August’s smart locks, Samsung’s SmartThings, and other platforms. They are working on adding more soon of course, but for now, these are just your options.

The Logitech Pop starter kit starts at $99.99 and it already includes the hub and two buttons. Each button you want to add will cost you $39.99 each. You can link it with a Harmony Hub in case you want it to have more connected devices and that will cost you $100 more.

VIA: SlashGear