Using multiple screens isn’t just for when you’re watching videos and playing games and chatting at the same time. A lot of people now also use several devices when they’re working or studying or doing several projects, sometimes all at the same time. For times like that, you also need a keyboard that can multi-task with you. The Logitech K780 Multi-Device Wireless Keyboard lets you connect up to three devices and you will be able to seamlessly switch amongst them.

The keyboard is equipped with three buttons and all you have to do to switch to your connected device of choice is to press the respective button. You can be working on your desktop screen, tablet, and laptop all at the same time. So while you’re working on a report, you can also answer emails and then text messages on three different devices and you won’t even have to skip a beat. Okay, maybe a split second or two, but still, that is better than continually holding different devices in your hand.


The keys are also large enough like in an actual keyboard so you’ll be comfortable enough to use it on all three screens. There is also a 10-key number pad for when you deal with a lot of numbers on your spreadsheets. It has an integrated rubber slot to hold your tablet or phones and it is angled in a way that is easy to still read your screen. You can connect the devices either through USB or through Bluetooth. The keyboard has an on/off switch so the battery can actually last you for 24 months.

The Logitech K780 keyboard works on a variety of platforms, including iOS, Mac, Windows, and of course Android. It is now available for purchase at the Logitech online store and costs $79.99.

SOURCE: Logitech