The Goole TV is a great device, bringing the full internet to your couch in a all new and innovate way is really a great thing, however if you have been using the Logitech Revue you may have noticed your video is less than stellar. Clearly there is an issue with the frame rate which watching TV, Logitech has acknowledged this and is currently investigating the issue.

The problem arises because the video is routed from your cable through the Revue before it’s output to the television, it appears that the Revue is causing frame dropping resulting in a staggering picture. In a response on the Google TV forums, Director of Logitech Revue customer care – Peter Evans said the following:

“Thank you for your feedback about Logitech Revue causing the TV picture to skip frames and for sharing information about your home entertainment setup. With your help we have been able to confirm that in some cases Logitech Revue is dropping video frames, resulting in a staggered image.

With Logitech Revue, it is our priority to provide a high quality TV experience, and we recognize that this issue is affecting your enjoyment. Logitech and the Google TV team are working hard to find the root cause of this issue and to develop a solution, which we will share with you as soon as it is available. We will keep you updated on our progress through this forum thread.

We do apologize for your TV experience being less than perfect.”

Hopefully we will be seeing a fix soon, because if you have experienced this in person you know it’s very annoying on a high definition display, almost making it unbearable.

[Via AndroidCentral]