Smart devices getting integrated with virtual assistants like Alexa and the Google Assistant is no longer uncommon. In fact, it will be more unusual if a new smart product is introduced without those two built-in. For Logitech, it is important for its latest products to be “smart” especially if they are expected to be connected at home. The brand’s latest home security camera, the Logitech Circle 2, needed some improvements so it now features the Google Assistant.

The Google Assistant integration allows Circle 2 users to say voice commands. Just say “Ok Google, do this or do that” and it will follow your requests. Just say the magic words to your Google Home, Google Home Mini, or Android phone and it will connect with the home security camera. You can ask the Google Assistant to tell you what is happening.

Feel free to ask the Google Assistant to show you activities at home. You can view the video on your phone display or smart TV via Chromecast. Your Circle 2 Cameras, whether wired or now, will respond to your wishes with the help of the Google Assistant. This is just one improvement for the Logitech home camera but expect more features and experiences to be unlocked in the United States and Europe.

SOURCE: Logitech