From the same genius developers who created Glean news reader for Android, here comes a new app to personalize your mobile experience. Defumblr is a smart lock screen that brings your favorite apps, important information, and all communication platforms in just one place. The lockscreen is accessible with a single swipe so you don’t have to make several clicks before launching the app you want to use.

We’ve featured a number of lockscreen apps already but this Defumblr is said to be smarter. Why, it can identify what is important to you at a certain period of time. The app brings you all the important messages, IMs, SMS, and emails you need to read in just one unified messaging interface. Your phone may be locked but right on the lockscreen, you can quickly view breaking news, To-Do list, and calendar among other.

Aside from personalization, the app brings productivity because you can accomplish more with the app quickly and efficiently. It makes you a more efficient person and employee as it keeps you connected to your contacts. It allows faster launching of apps, syncing with Android system Calendar and Clock, and reminds you of your next to-do items especially the critical ones you have to accomplish ASAP.

Defumblr also displays the latest news, trending articles, weekly forecasts, and real-time weather information so you are always up-to-date. Since app allows personalization, you are free to customize your lockscreen’s color schemes, layout, types of widgets, backgrounds, and icons.

Download Defumblr Smart Lock Screen from the Google Play Store




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