For people who let others borrow their gadgets often, but would like to protect certain security-sensitive apps like Paypal or One Pass, LockIt was heaven sent when it was launched last year. For some reason, it suddenly disappeared from the Google Play Store, but fortunately, the creator announced it’s back, hopefully for good, and available in both free and paid versions.

The purpose and function of LockIt is simple enough: you get the ability to lock certain apps that you don’t want other people using your phone or tablet to access. They can only be unlocked and used by entering a password which can be randomly generated for better security. You can also schedule the lock for each app, for when you know someone else will be using your device at certain times of the day. You can also add as many secured apps as you can. However, just as suddenly, it disappeared from the Play Store for unverified reasons.

Over the weekend, the creator announced that as Google has extended Wallet Merchant to other countries including his native Colombia, the LockIt app is now back on the Play Store, with a brand new UI and updated to be compatible with Android 4.0.3 and higher versions. The description on the Play Store also says its detection service has been totally revised so that it is now more stable. It also now comes with device admin permissions for increased security as well as faster app detection.

There is a free version for those who’d like to try it out first. Those who purchased the paid version before need not pay for it again. They just need to update the existing app on the AOSPA account and they will already get the free Pro Upgrade.

SOURCE: Paranoid Android