Remotely wiping your smartphone or tablet when it has been lost or stolen is an essential feature that your device or an app installed on your device should have. And of course, you need to stop whoever is now holding your device from unlocking it by guessing your password. One way you can do both is through using an app, and one of those that can do that for you is Locker from Zygote Labs, a developer of apps for your device’s security.

The way it works is pretty simple. You will need to set a specific number of allowed attempts to unlock your phone. If you’re a person who forgets your lock code pretty easily, you might want to make the number a little higher (definitely not one or two, or else). Once the attempts exceeds the number that you’ve set, all the content and data on your smartphone will be wiped, therefore protecting your information and making it harder for whoever has your phone to make use of the stolen device.

The Android system doesn’t have the option to restrict unlocks but does have the device administration API that third-party apps like Locker can use. And so the app activates and enforces this security policy once you’ve set the parameters. The “user” will receive a warning when the attempts remaining is 4 or less.

A minor update has added Norwegian and Finnish as supported languages. Oh and Locker is 100% open source so if you’d want to explore it more or contribute a language or something, you can do so through the github repository. Locker is free to download from the Google Play Store.