In news that isn’t really a surprise to anyone who has been following the app’s progress (or lack thereof), location-based social app has finally announced that it is shutting down. The app has been pretty controversial the past years as some have used its anonymous platform to send racist, hateful messages and have been a source of cyber-bullying and online harassment. After failing to find a solution to problems like these, the developers have finally decided to close shop and move on to other endeavors.

The concept behind the app was not so bad, as it was originally meant to be an anonymous messaging board system for campuses. But in another episode of why we can’t have good things, people started abusing the format, leading to some universities and colleges to ban the app, with some even going so far as banning smartphones altogether. The developers started geofencing the app (particularly in middle and high schools) but it looks like they were still not able to find concrete solutions.

Over the next few weeks, they will start “winding down” operations for the app, although what that means exactly they did not evaluate. They did say that a few members of the company will be joining point-of-sale app Square which they consider “a valuable partner for local businesses”. As for founders Tyler Droll and Brooks Buffington, they will continue to “tinker around” with the brand and the technology built around it.

If you’re looking for an anonymous platform to replace it (well, if you were actually using it), there are other similar apps like Whisper, Jodel, Candid, although none are exactly like Yik Yak.


VIA: SlashGear