One of the more interesting features of the Pixel 6 smartphone is the Live Translate feature. The feature gives you real-time translation of messages, whether spoken or typed out, into the language of the recipient. But since this is powered by Google’s Tensor chipset, it has been touted as a Pixel 6 exclusive feature. But now it looks like older Pixel devices will still be able to have the feature on their phones by side-loading the Pixel 6 Android System Intelligence (ASI) app.

The Live Translate feature is able to translate things that you speak out or type on your phone so that whoever is receiving it will be able to understand it in their own language and in real-time. It is mostly used on the Messages app but it also works on third-party apps like WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter, and other apps that may need this translation feature. It launched initially on Pixel 6 devices and officially, Google says it is exclusive for the newest flagship devices.

XDA Developers shares that users can download the latest version of the Pixel 6 ASI on any of your older Pixel devices and then side-load it. This should be enough to get the Live Translate feature working on a Pixel 5 or even older. The “mileage” that you get out of the feature may vary depending on the device that you use but technically, it should work just fine. Make sure that you get the latest version as if you get an ASI update with the old version and you install the new APK, it might not work.

Previously, the Magic Eraser tool that came with Google Photos for the Pixel 6 devices was discovered to work on older Pixel devices. All you have to do is side-load the Google Photos APK, version 5.64, on your Android 12 device. You will be able to remove any “unwanted distractions” on photos uploaded on the app simply by tapping on the object you want to be removed with the Magic Eraser tool.

If you have a Pixel device that is not a Pixel 6 or Pixel 6 Pro, you may want to try out to side-load the ASI if you want to use the Live Translate feature. There’s no news if it will officially be available eventually, even on other Android devices.


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