The race for the best live-streaming app in the market is definitely on. From Meerkat and Twiiter-owned Periscope with their social media live broadcasts, to Twitch’s gaming livestream community, to Facebook’s celebrity livestreams. But while they can lifestream videos and games, there aren’t that many (or any at all) that can show other people in real time what you’re doing on your mobile device. Mirrativ may be that innovative livestream app to rule them all.

Mirrativ allows you to broadcast to anyone you want, as long as they’re using the app as well. There are no social media broadcasts here, everything is done within the app itself. Your audience can also interact with you while watching your broadcast, by sending you stickers and comments. They can also see your reaction if you want to with the picture-in-picture Face camera that you can also disable. But instead of just being able to broadcast games and videos, you can stream while working on any app on your device.

You may ask, if you’re not playing games, or if you’re not taking a video, why would you want to livestream anything else from your smartphone? Well, you could actually do photography or videography tutorials and show people how to take great photos and videos from your POV. You can also browse e-commerce sites and ask for advice from your friends without copy pasting every single thing you’re thinking of buying onto your chat. Or you could read online news and do a running commentary (if you’re funny enough) about what you’re reading or browsing.

Mirrativ is still in beta mode, but the developers are allowing us to take a peek (during selected hours) so you can see how the app really works. We’re looking forward to great things once they get out of the beta phase. But in the meantime, you can download it from the Google Play Store.