As smartphones become more and more complicated, the battery conundrum is still left unsolved. Good thing various companies continue to develop battery packs, external batteries, etc to help those of us who are constantly mobile and draining our smartphone batteries more than once a day. A new Kickstarter campaign is probably one of the thinnest but most powerful external batteries available now, and it can fit in the back of your pocket.

The LithiumCardPRO is the newest generation and hypercharging version of the original one created by LinearFlux. It’s still the same size as the previous one (as big, or rather as small) as a credit card. But now, the capacity has been increased three-fold to 3000mAh and 3 Amps of Power, but it also gives you more capacity than the regular same-capacity chargers. They used the HyperFET Gen2 technology to be able to charge over 1% per minute compared to the original one.

Another problem with having multiple chargers is that you also carry around a lot of wires. With LithiumCard PRO, you don’t need to bring any more extra cords. It has micro USB and all other connectors you would need to power your devices. And you can also use it to back-up your smartphone’s content on your laptop or computer. If the charger is also running out of juice, then you can simultaneously charge both the LithiumCard and your smartphone.

They have already reached their goal of $10,000 and there are still around a month to go before the campaign ends. If you feel like supporting this product and would like to be one of the first to own it, head on over to their Kickstarter page.

SOURCE: Kickstarter

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