Linux on Dex

Over a year ago, we mentioned Samsung may soon bundle Linux on the Samsung DeX. We knew it’s possible and it seems it’s about to become official as the South Korean tech giant said the Linux on Samsung DeX beta program will begin on November 12. The company made this announcement in contrast to the unknown release of the Galaxy S9 Android Pie beta program. Registration is now open so feel free to visit At the moment, it’s only ideal for the Galaxy Tab S4 and Galaxy Note 9.

Linux on DeX can be tested at the SDC 2018 this week. The beta program will start on November 12, Monday. You can try the program only until December 14.

From concept to reality, Linux on DeX is a customized version of Ubuntu 16.04 LTS for DeX. Other distributions may also work but with no official support.

Here’s how to get started as instructed by the Linux on DeX team:

1. Register for beta trial using your Samsung Account and a Google account.
2. Download the app on your Galaxy Tab S4 or Note 9.
3. Download and unzip a Linux image on your phone directly from the Linux on DeX App.
4. Create your container with Linux on DeX app.
5. Work on the go. Run the Linux environment on Samsung Dex.

VIA: Reddit

SOURCE: Samsung