If you really like Android and would like to make a career out of developing software for the platform, The Linux Foundation has announced that it is teaching new courses in Android development. Courses are also offered in MeeGo development as well.

The Foundation started to offer the courses in the two platforms because they “represent two of the leading platforms in this market” and the goal is to train developers to fill open spots in the market. The courses include lessons in corporate, custom, compliance, and will be offered via virtual and in-person training. They have been built in collaboration with the Linux Foundation Technical Advisory Board.

Discussing the announcement, Linux Foundation Executive Director Jim Zemlin said, “We continue to see unprecedented demand for Linux expertise from our members and the industry at large”, adding that, “We’re happy to be able to offer Android and MeeGo developer training to equip professionals with the best skills to further their careers and to accelerate development efforts of Linux in the mobile computing market.”

Via H-online