We haven’t featured anything about Linksys recently. Our last mention was when Foxconn acquired Linksys, Wemo, and Belkin. It did merge with Foxconn Interconnect Technology and Belkin International. The newest from the company is a special subscription service that can identify motion in Mesh WiFi environments. It’s more like about to “sense” if there is any motion. Officially called as Linksys Aware, this service can be found within the Linksys Smart WiFi App. This is another proof that Linksys is still serious with connected homes and businesses.

The service is available on Linksys Velop Tri-Band AC2200 routers. It makes use of Velop’s Intelligent MeshTM WiFi network to sense motion. No need for additional hardware or cameras because the system knows. The goal is a smarter home that has enhanced privacy and better convenience.

Linksys is expected to revolutionize the smart home game with only a router. The latter is used for accessing the Internet and so it can also be used to control other smart home devices. With this development, the router as a kind of technology is becoming more advanced than ever.

Using WiFi signals, Linksys Aware can detect activity. It also sends motion alerts to the user via the app. Right on the app, you can turn on/off, control frequency of notifications, and snooze “motion alerts”. You can also customize the motion sensitivity level. This way, you can avoid false alarms and be ensured of added protection.

If you’re not yet convinced, know that the software can sense movement within the house. One benefit is that it can help in remote care for the elderly. Data can be saved up to 60 days only. You can view the footage daily or weekly.


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