Do you think one weeks notice is enough to quit? Two weeks is the standard, as you want to give those relying on you a bit more time to figure out how to live life without your presence. LinkedIn, the popular networking service, seems to think that one week is plenty, and recently gave their RSS users that timeframe to move on to another service.

When Google Reader was shuttered, it left a huge void in the RSS world. Many latched onto other services such as Feedly or Digg Reader. LinkedIn tried to clamor their way into the RSS spotlight as well, though their efforts were not as noticeable as the dedicated RSS feeds. While they didn’t necessarily disclose the reasons for the closure, it could be that their RSS service simply never caught on.

Sending out an email to their RSS users, LinkedIn only notes that they’re shuttering the feed to focus elsewhere. The last day for the service will be December 19th, so if you use LinkedIn’s RSS service, be sure to migrate your feed elsewhere before then. Fortunately, it doesn’t sound as if any other LinkedIn services will be tampered with.

Though there are plenty of RSS feeds around, the downfall of LinkedIn makes for another larger service down the drain. With plenty of others around, we prefer Feedly for it’s cross platform utility and nice Android widget. Power users might also enjoy the aforementioned Digg, or NewsBlur. If you have a favorite news reader, let us know about in the comments section below!