When business-focused social networking service LinkedIn acquired Pulse last April, it was only expected that it would somehow find a way to bring its mark to the popular news reader app. After a few months, the fruits of that partnership is finally here in the form of an updated Pulse app called, unsurprisingly, LinkedIn Pulse.

Despite being a social networking service, LinkedIn has somehow remained true to its roots, keeping its focus on connecting professionals, job hunters, headhunters, and other related personas within a closely knit circle. It seems, though, that the company is seeking to flex its muscles and offer more social features while still keeping that oh so important professional atmosphere.


Without straying too much from what it does best, the new LinkedIn Pulse app still delivers news, but is now catered to focus on appealing to users’ professional inclinations. On first launch of the app, users will be asked to log in with their LinkedIn credentials. Once done, LinkedIn content and channels will automatically be synced with the Pulse app. Pulse will then tailor its recommendations based on users’ LinkedIn preferences. Of course, there will still be that social networking experience, allowing users to like, comment, and share items with your friends. Professional ones, of course.


The new LinkedIn Pulse app is now available on Google Play Store and will automatically update users of the original Pulse app. Old-time users will not get lost in the new app, which still features What’s New recommendations and customizable My Lists collections.

Download: LinkedIn Pulse on Google Play Store
SOURCE: LinkedIn