If your company has a lot of employees active or even just present on LinkedIn, it is actually an opportunity for you to connect with various networks and also to elevate your company’s standing, particularly if you’re in the marketing and communications industry. But even if you’re not, in this age where social means a whole lot, it is important that even your company has to be, well, social. A new product from LinkedIn helps you with that, in terms of curation, sharing and measuring the impact of these shared posts.

The service uses algorithmic recommendations from LinkedIn’s news recommendation apps Pulse and Newsle, as well as “human curation” to look for content relevant to your industry and to the interests of people in your network. It will then give you the ability to share these content, not just to your LinkedIn network but also to other social networks. For now, it’s still just Twitter, but they’re looking to adding others like Facebook as well. Elevate also has an intelligent scheduling feature that lets you share the content when your network seems to be most active.

You’ll also be able to see the analytics for the content you’ve shared to see if it made an impact. You can see how many times your contacts have liked, commented on, reshared it, and how many people it has reached. Micro-conversions like job views, company page followers and other factors will also be shared to your company. Companies like Adobe and Unilever were part of a pilot program in Q1 of 2015 and of course, the results they shared were positive, like increased profile views, expansion of network, etc.

For now, LinkedIn Elevate is only available by invitation only. It will be open to the public by Q3, but it will reportedly be a paid service for companies. Learn more about it, through here.

SOURCE: LinkedIn