LinkedIn has announced a major update to its Android application. The date marks the first major upgrade to the application in almost 2 years. While the update brings some changes that people really appreciate, it does bring one change that many people will hate.

The update brings ads in the form of sponsored content in the LinkedIn stream. LinkedIn said that during the development of the new app it had its entire staff using the new versions. The company says that the staff provided 10,000 different pieces of feedback and the new app is a result of all that feedback.

The app is focused mostly around an updated activity stream that is more interactive. The stream on the app will now continue to bring in content posted by people on your network and will introduce posts to the users stream from outside “influencers.” This is very much like the LinkedIn desktop application.

The app update also brings the ability for users to comment on items and stream and endorse items using in the thumbs-up icon. The update also makes it easy to toggle between the new stream and other features. For instance the app now support swipe gestures with a flight from the left side of the screen bringing up a menu of options to access private messages, connection invitations, calendars, and more. About the updates included in the Android and iPhone apps.

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