One of the places that I tend to have more contact with co-workers and other professional types is on LinkedIn. Most of the requests I get are from people that I don’t know. On occasion, I have found work and cool gear to play with via LinkedIn so it can be useful for professionals. If you have a LinkedIn profile and want to be able to access, it on the road the Android app has been around for a while now.

LinkedIn has announced that it has now updated the app with the ability to access the LinkedIn site with HTML5 tech. The new mobile app is supposed to make searching and updating streams ten times faster than before. The app offers top news for the day at the top of the screen. It has navigation at the top of the screen too.

The app now also allows the user to access the People You May Know recommendation feature. You can also interact with the groups you belong to and join any of the other groups on the site using the app. This sounds like a nice upgrade.

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