Today some breaking news has just arrived from one of the most popular news apps for both Android and iOS. That being that Pulse News has been acquired by LinkedIn for the tune of around $90 million dollars in a mix of mostly stocks, as well as some cash. At first thought we were worried, but rest assured that Pulse won’t be going anywhere – at least for now.

After rumors and leaks suggested a merger or buyout was coming last week, today both parties have in fact confirmed the deal has already been done, and Pulse states they are excited to start their next chapter. While what exactly that next chapter all details remains to be seen, but for now it looks like our favorite news app on Android isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Pulse and LinkedIn both used words such as “For now” and “in the meantime” in regards to the fact that their popular app will be around for a long time. So at the current outlook we will not be losing the service, but down the road we certainly could see more than a few changes. So now, why the acquisition?

According to SlashGear LinkedIn stated that the acquisition is because they want to be “the definitive professional publishing platform” and that Pulse is “a perfect compliment to this vision.” With more than 30 million viewers currently using Pulse this is a pretty big deal. We’re hearing the $90 million was 90% stocks and 10% in cold hard cash. More details can be found below.

[via LinkedIn; via Pulse]