Earlier this month, we noted that Link Bubble and TapPath were acquired by another startup from independent developer Chris Lacy. His apps became successful beyond his expectations and since he didn’t have enough resources and manpower, he decided to sell it off to an unknown American company. But looks like we have a name now as a certain Brian Bondy announced in his page the availability of Link Bubble Browser–for free!

The Android web browser is now fully free according to Bondy. It’s the same app a lot of Android users have grown to love because it makes mobile web more efficient than ever. It’s called Link Bubble because the dev intended for webpages to always load in the background–like floating in a bubble– while another app is running. This way, you’re wasting no time in watching those pages load because they’re ready when you are.

What used to be a premium app, priced at $4.99, is now offered for free. All the pro features are now available for everyone’s consumption including Article mode, Article mode for Android Wear, themes based on website color, and infinite number of bubbles or tabs. As one of Google Play’s Best Apps of 2014, Link Bubble Browser was developed for the mobile users who always want fast loading of apps and web pages. A page loads in the background and when ready, will animate to notify the user.

Link Bubble Browser is speedy, can load several links simultaneously, offers Reading Mode, and can even locate embedded YouTube videos on web pages. Videos are then opened directly in the YouTube app for faster loading. The app also features stats to tell you how much time is saved with Link Bubble.

New features of the web browser include a Material design overhaul, custom domain redirects, colored toolbars, support for HTML drop down elements and file pickers, request desktop site option, more languages and translations, auto reconnect when offline support, and of course, several improvements for reading mode and a number of crash fixes.

Download Link Bubble Browser from the Google Play Store

SOURCE: Brian Bondy