If you are the sort that likes to travel all around the world on business or just for fun, you have probably stood looking at signs before wondering what they said. The only way you could find out what a sign in a foreign language said in days past was find someone who spoke your language to translate, break out a dictionary and translate yourself, or just not read the sign. That last one could be an issue if the sign was an important warning like zombies ahead or anyone past this point will be forced to watch Glee.

A new app for your Android phone will save you from zombies and horrible TV by translating signs in foreign languages for you by simply taking a picture of the sign with the Android phone’s camera. The app is called TGPhoto and will cost you $12.99 on the Android Market.

To translate the signs all the user needs to do is fill as much of the screen as possible with the text on the sign and press the shutter button. The app works with 50 languages and Android device need to be running Android 2.1 or higher to use the app. This app sounds pretty cool.