Setting up a new Android phone has become really simple over the years if you are making a switch between phones from the same OEM. If you are migrating between phone makers, the process becomes a little jittery. The built-in backup feature – based on Google Play Services framework – allows you to save and restore data and apps but it’s not 100-percent full proof. There is the ADB backup, which is a more certain way to backup and restore without rooting, but reportedly, Google is doing away with it. So now what, backup and restore tool that involves rooting? Anyway, if you’re willing to run LineageOS custom ROM you can opt for SeedVault as an open-source backup system if you’re reluctant of using Google’s cloud storage.

Reportedly LineageOS is overcoming the root-only tool crisis and offering SeedVault as backup and restore tool in the software. SeedVault is an open-source backup application that comprises same APIs as the ABD backup. Most importantly, the app doesn’t require root access, and it’s easy to use. It allows the user to select back-up location of choice be it the USB drive or some self-hosted cloud system.

What makes SeedVault very reliable is also its security feature. The backup through the app is fully encrypted and can be unlocked using randomly generated 12-word key. SeedVault – free app for Android – was recently tinkered with by a Twitter user, who shared a video of the smooth app navigation and functioning on his handle.

Video reveals that the app lets users review backup status for each app through app backup status option. This is helpful in case you want to exclude an individual app from the backup. With SeedVault as your backup tool, you can restore apps and data at will and make the migration process simpler for yourself.

The video above was recorded before SeedVault made it to LineageOS, so expect some UI variations when you’re using it. You can find the source code of the LineageOS version of SeedVault here.


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