We recently wrote about a new vulnerability in the WiFi security protocols – it’s being called “Krack Attacks” – and it basically hijacks a vulnerable network by creating a rogue copy of it, and asking devices to re-input their security keys. So here’s some good news – LineageOS and OmniROM custom ROM builds have been patched for protection against this vulnerability.

The vulnerability in Krack Attacks is basically found in the WPA2 WiFi security protocol, so most WiFi-enabled devices are vulnerable to this kind of malicious attack. More so with Android devices – so it’s good news that LineageOS has already patched their custom ROM builds to protect from this attack, starting from official LineageOS 14.1 builds for all devices.

OmniROM, another popular custom ROM, has also announced that they have patched their builds for the Krack Attack vulnerability. The developers of OmniROM used what Google has already patched in Android Oreo, and what LineageOS has already compiled as the need patches. All official OmniROM Nougat builds have been patched.

So if you’re worrying about your custom ROM, make sure to update to the latest builds if you’re using either LineageOS or OmniROM.

SOURCE: @LineageAndroid, OmniROM